Engagement: Kyle and Greg

Life is so amazing!

Full of beautiful encounters all around.

Jon, Jack, and I decided to go hiking at Shafer Butte outside of Boise, ID. We packed a picnic, grabbed some water, and made sure we had our camera gear with us.

While eating lunch at the picnic area, we heard a pop of champagne and noticed a group of people laughing and celebrating. They seemed to be having so much fun!

 I thought, “Man, if I were them, I would love a photo of this moment” even though I had no idea what they were celebrating.

Trusting my gut, I went up and asked them if they would like a photo together.

Turns out, Kyle and Greg were engaged!!

Greg had just popped the question around all of their friends.

I had to take a very quick engagement session of them!

True, it was SUPER bright (like midday sun on the sunniest day).

True, I only had one lens with me and I hardly ever use it for portraits.

True as well….I didn’t care about any of that.

I just wanted to contribute to their happiness because I was truly so happy for them!

I hope you take chances and are happy for those around you, even if you don’t know them.

Celebrate, have fun, and love a TON!